Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buchla & Associates 200e Electric Music Box

If you were looking for analog heaven look no further than the Buchla & Associates 200e Electric Music Box. An updated version of the 1970 "200 series" Electric Music Box, it is still pure analog synthesis programmed with knobs, switches and patch cords but sports, a "full-blown MIDI interface that can relate every nuance of expression that your controller can produce to any aspect of the 200e's sound palette". It also has been given the ability to store presets, "internal MIDI buses, invisible supplies, high density modules, more voltage controlled parameters, the addition of a router for signals and control voltages, the merging of a swirler with the system interface, the addition of velocity to the dynamics manager, and a reworking of the output section of the complex oscillator." And to top it all off, using the same power supply voltages and form factors it is completely interchangeable with 200 series modules built in the 70's. Prices for pre-configured systems start at $9950.00 and go as high as $27,250.00 but you can of course custom build your own dream synth by ordering a powered cabinet and your modules of choice.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Radial J33 Stereo Phono Preamp and Direct Box

This is an indisputably cool piece of equipment for anyone looking to get a high quality signal from their SL into an MPC or DAW. Radial Engineering's J33 Stereo Phono Preamp and Direct Box does the trick and some. It has isolated XLR connectors to eliminate chassis ground potential, Mil spec PC board with full surface ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF noise, Gold-plated RCA and high grade 1/4" and 1/8" connectors, and a phantom powered low frequency rumble filter to reduce resonant feedback at high sound pressure levels. It's 14-gauge steel welded I-beam construction and small form factor allows for easy travel and reliable integration into your studio or live setup.

"The Radial J33 is a high quality combination turntable (phono) preamp and direct box that offers a choice of balanced mic-level and -10dB consumer line-level outputs. This allows a 33-RPM record player to be connected directly to a professional mixing console or mic preamplifier. This makes the Radial J33 ideal for use in studio for re-recording, sampling and archiving, while offering DJs an improved interface for recording scratch and remix performances over typical DJ mixers or other stand-alone turntable preamps. For maximum flexibility, the Radial J33 is equipped with a rumble filter to eliminate low-frequency resonance and may be powered with remote 48Volt phantom or local external DC supply."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FatMan Analog MIDI Synthâ„¢

Build your own synth! What could be more fun than playing a synthesizer? Building one. And you can do just that with FatMan Analog MIDI Synth kit from PAiA. You also have the option to purchase an anodized and screen printed aluminum and wood Fatman desktop case or the blue anodized, punched and screen printed 2U Rack Panel.

"The FatMan has all of the features that give analog it's big bottom and punch in a MIDI controlled package. The classic Voltage Controlled normalization is brought up to date with a Velocity CV not available on pre- MIDI synths. Pitch wheel modulation is supported and Pitch and Velocity CVs and gate signal are provided on the front panel for driving PAiA or other linear response synthesizer modules."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Access Virus TI

Access has just released it's Virus TI line of synthesizers. TI standing for Total Integration, adding MIDI and Audio connectivity to your DAW via a bulit-in USB interface allowing it to be recorded directly into the computer with no A/D conversion! It also utilizes the VirusControlâ„¢ plug-in remote which seamlessly integrates the Virus TI into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in. Truly amazing.

A video of Ben Crossland demonstrating the Virus TI at NAMM05 can be found here.

Cheers to Access for a first of it's kind product that truly delivers what it promises.