Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buchla & Associates 200e Electric Music Box

If you were looking for analog heaven look no further than the Buchla & Associates 200e Electric Music Box. An updated version of the 1970 "200 series" Electric Music Box, it is still pure analog synthesis programmed with knobs, switches and patch cords but sports, a "full-blown MIDI interface that can relate every nuance of expression that your controller can produce to any aspect of the 200e's sound palette". It also has been given the ability to store presets, "internal MIDI buses, invisible supplies, high density modules, more voltage controlled parameters, the addition of a router for signals and control voltages, the merging of a swirler with the system interface, the addition of velocity to the dynamics manager, and a reworking of the output section of the complex oscillator." And to top it all off, using the same power supply voltages and form factors it is completely interchangeable with 200 series modules built in the 70's. Prices for pre-configured systems start at $9950.00 and go as high as $27,250.00 but you can of course custom build your own dream synth by ordering a powered cabinet and your modules of choice.


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